Bankruptcy Services

Bayer Jerger & Underwood represent individuals dealing with debt issues arising out of things such as foreclosures, medical bills, divorce, credit cards, repossessions, lawsuits and job loss. The process consists of evaluating a client's financial situation, exploring options and, when necessary, preparing and filing a bankruptcy for chapter 7. We will electronically file for you and attend all required meetings with you. Contact us to schedule an appointment and pickup our bankruptcy worksheets today.
Bankruptcy Petition—Real Estate Law in Mansfield, OH

Other Areas of Practice

Bayer Jerger & Underwood provides different areas of practice. From DWI to landlord evictions, if you need legal representation do not hesitate to call us.
Misdemeanor criminal/ Traffic Law
Liquor License Transfers
Landlord Evictions
Land Contracts/ Promissory notes/ Mortgages/ Sales Agreements
Personal Injury/Malpractice/ Slip and Fall